Services & Applications

Matrix-Q Thinking & Doing (out of the box) are for example two skills (capacity) indicators of a level of Matrix-Q (at individual, collective or organizational level).

The Matrix-Q Research Institute focus on development of applications of Matrix-Qotient of Intelligence Know How. Please contact us for more details, on our services.


  • Matrix-Q Assessment Tests
  • Matrix-Q Self-Assessment Tests [ Try out The Matrix-Q Test Zero ]
  • Matrix-Q Certificates, Labels & Licenses for Organizations and their employees [URL]
  • Matrix-Q Education Method Training [URL] How to advance Matrix-Q through experiential gamified learning process.
  • Matrix-Q Coaching
  • Matrix-Q Business Consultancy Services [URL]
  • Matrix-Q Applied for effectiveness, leadership & family life work balance [URL]
  • Matrix-Q Performing Arts applied for peace work [URL]
  • Matrix-Q Martial Arts [URL]
  • Matrix-Q Brain Gym
  • Matrix-Q Games [URL]
  • Matrix-Q Algorithms [URL]
  • Matrix-Q Mathematics [URL]
  • Matrix-Q A.I. [URL]
  • Matrix-Q Emotional Intelligence [URL]
  • Matrix-Q Applied for SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Entrepreneurship [URL]
  • Matrix-Q Business Models [URL]