Matrix-Q SDG

Sustainable Development Goals, SDG2030, 17 fields of goals for a global sustainable culture and civilization by the United Nations

Matrix-Q Thinking & Doing, tools and methods, applications, are ideal for assessment and management of complex systems.

SDGs even 17 fields of unique nature, come all together, in daily life, and build up a complex system of needs, variables, factors and processes.

To work with one single field or goal alone without considering the other ones would be like using only the right hand or one single organ, for keeping the human being species alive. It is necessary an holistic vision, inclusive of all SDGs simultaneously, in order to advance our strategies, collaboration, and number of levels of impact of the SDG Entrepreneurship, or SDG Projects.

Even if an SDG Project focus on one single goal, with a SDG vision, its development, would impact and benefit the all the SDG fields of work and directly and indirectly support other projects and entrepreneurs working in any other SDG.

This fact can will be observed in for example the management of cities and communities. For which the Matrix-Q Research Institute is writing a series of learning materials and developing new tools, based on Matrix-Q Skills. [ SDG HUB Matrix-Q Research Institute ]