Matrix-Q Brain GYM

Thinking and doing out of the box are skills that can be enhanced through Matrix-Q Trainings.

Thanks to the Matrix-Q Education method, Matrix-Q Brain GYM techniques can be integrated to any learning process.

For example for each of the applications of Matrix-Q of Intelligence, listed, tests of the users of the tools, applications are mandatory in order to evaluate which level of Matrix-Q thinking do they naturally have or have active currently. Based on this assessment a quantification of the human capital value process is set for a period of 9 phases. The result obtained will help Matrix-Q Trainers and Coaches design gamified learning experienced for users and help them advance their Matrix-Q Intelligence.

Matrix-Q Consultants, Trainers and Coaches will utilize Matrix-Q Education Method and Matrix-Q Brain GYM Techniques in order to advance individual, collective and  organizational Matrix-Q.

Matrix-Q Brain GYM has been integrated to each and all of the applications of Matrix-Q of Intelligence know how (as for learning by doing, Matrix-Q enhancing by doing ).


  • Matrix-Q Brain GYM license evaluation package includes training and assessment on Matrix-Q Education Method & Matrix-Q Brain GYM.
  • Complementary licenses for Matrix-Q Coaching, Consultancy & Training


[Matrix-Q Thinking] From 3 to 81 cyphers through Holographic-Fractalic Thinking – Matrix-Q Brain GYM – “From learning by doing to enhancing intelligence and skills by using Matrix-Q Tools” [SDG 4,5,10,11]